Why are the apps free?

There are numerous for-pay visualization and mapping tools out there. Many with advanced features and large communities of highly trained and happy paying customers. We wanted to create simple and free apps with less of a learning curve that are accessible to anyone - especially small businesses, charities, and non-profits.

You can find a donate button at the bottom of the page. If you'd like to encourage future development and support of these apps we'd happily accept a few dollars.
Why am I asked for my Google account and password?

Our apps were designed to integrate with Google Drive. In order to access your documents from within the apps, you need to tell Google who you are by providing your username and password.

During the authentication process, you are communicating only with Google over an encrypted connection.
I'm concerned about Privacy. Who can see my data?

Our apps run inside your web browser. That means your documents and data always travel from the Google Drive servers to your device over a secure connection. We do not collect your documents or data and we don't share your data with anyone.
Which browsers are supported?

Most new web browsers work great. We do a lot of our testing using Chrome and some in Firefox. Safari is usually ok because under the hood it has a lot in common with Chrome. If you prefer to use other browsers (especially older ones) you may not have a great experience.
What about mobile devices?

The experience has not been optimized for tablets or phones yet. Some things may look ok, but you probably won't be as comfortable as you would on a laptop or desktop.
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